Feb 16


enchanted vintage

I could give you any number of reasons why, without warning, I stopped posting on my blog

  • My hands fell off and I’ve been busy learning to type with my toes
  • My cat ate my laptop
  • I was abducted by aliens
  • I won the lotto (finally) and I’ve been far to busy shopping at Dior and Vuitton.. pbhhtt

Ok, I’ll just be honest, but its not as interesting as the other 4 options. I just ran out out of things to say. Ha, now, I know that the people that know me, are busy clutching their sides and LOLing all over the place. Moi? Out of things to say? Not likely.

What I mean is, with the closing of the shop and the return to my old ( and less glamorous/interesting) profession as restaurant manager, I had less time on my hands. When not surrounded by the beautiful vintage visuals of my shop, I started losing inspiration and that people is where the problems set in.

I was struggling to get the time to post and when I had it, I had SERIOUS bloggers block. Bleugh. I came up empty, I got annoyed, I ignored the problem. Very Mature. Yes it is, yes it is, yes it is. *she shouts, stamping on the ground and pouting.

So here we are 2 months later. I’m attempting to gather myself and my thoughts  (the few I have) and apologize to those (if any) noticed my absence! As it happens, I am feeling a touch more motivated. I even have a post or 2 planned… wonders will never cease. Maybe I just needed a break….

Either way, apologies again! X

Nov 16

Blog Event Spring/Summer shows 2012

Every now and again I participate in a group blogging event; this time I am joining Kristy Elena on her blog for The Sunglass Hut and the theme of the day is the 2012 S/S shows . I must confess, up until I received the email from Kristy about the upcoming event, I hadn’t paid much attention to the recent shows. The S/S shows tend to bore me. Either way I had a serious study session on Vogue.co.uk to catch up. ok serious study may be a slight exaggeration.

The Shows

In reality, I think the 2 that put up the Best shows in terms of entertainment were (as usual) Vuitton and Chanel. Honestly sometimes you’d forget it’s even supposed to be about clothing. All that  gleaming white (almost like a winter wonderland despite it being a S/S show  )Florence Welch popping out of a giant clam to sing at Chanel and Kate Moss on a carousel at Vuitton. Of course the clothing was gorgeous at both shows, but in truth nothing really stood out and made me say WOW.

Enchanted Vintage

Enchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageThe Clothes

Jason Wu. I think I may have mentioned in a previous post, that I am a fan of Jason Wu and his work and it just keeps getting better. I love his use of colors here:  grey, black, pink, chartreuse even!  The different patterns and polka dots the peplums ….I love a good peplum.

Enchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted Vintage

Oscar de la Renta

Gaa, sorry this collection left me unable to form full words. It was too gorgeous. I easily could have uploaded all 63 images. While the show itself was slated for its lack of focus, you can’t deny each of the pieces were amazing. The day dresses, the gowns, the high waisted pants. I want. Of course, I dont know what I would do with all the gorgeous gowns as I go no where that requires that level of fabulousness, but that’s not really the point, is it?

After those 2, I stopped looking for any other winners. I had a brief look at Balmain (disappointing and rather like Christophe Decarnin never left) Marc by Marc Jacobs, again disappointing as he is a regular fav( not that I didn’t love the swimwear,which was 1950s fabulous,the rest of it was all just a bit…. meh)  Then there was Luca Luca, which I actually quite liked aside from what appeared to be stripy pajama pants,  and lastly Project Runway winner Christian Siriano, another collection I really enjoyed…

Enchanted Vintage


 So in conclusion, I’d like a peplum dress, some gorgeous ballgowns, (neither in chartreuse though, not with my skin tone) a new Marc Jacobs swimsuit, some money to buy them, a place to wear them and a giant carousel in my backyard… Kate Moss not a necessity .



Nov 01

Vintage Viewing

Enchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted Vintage

My new tv love. Pan Am. I know it’s been getting mixed reviews since it aired, but I watched the first 5 episodes online yesterday (call it, research, ah hem) and I’m hooked. I love the characters, I love the clothes!

Christina Ricci’s character is my favorite, but I cant wait to see how the other characters develop in the next few episodes, I just really hope they dont cancel it after one season.  This is just the fix I needed, while I patiently wait for Mad Men, True Blood and Game of Thrones to come back. (I know, whatanerd)

Enchanted Vintage


Another one I’m excited about, My week with Marilyn, starring Michelle Williams. I dont know how I feel about Williams as Ms. Monroe but I can’t wait to see it regardless. The few stills I found of it look fabulous and Emma Watson  looks adorable. The movie is based on the books written by Colin Clark about the time Marilyn was in Britain, filming the prince and the show girl in 1957.

Enchanted VintageEnchanted Vintage

Enchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted Vintage

In case your interested in the books….



Apologies for the picture heavy and very little text content post. I had a busy Halloween weekend and am still recovering! Night 1 saw me dressed as a Zombie chef at work and night 2 I was the Queen of Tarts. Or erm Hearts, which ever you prefer really. My other half went as Awe-som-o , if you like South Park, you’ll appreciate the effort!

Enchanted Vintage

Enchanted Vintage


Enchanted Vintage

slutttttttttttyyyyyyyyyy haha

Enchanted VintageEnchanted Vintage

Bye for now, Happy 1rst of November all! X

Oct 04

Viva Espana

I’m back. I’ve returned from the blissful care free life of sunshine, sangria, and eating tapas. Lots and lots of tapas. Tapas for breakfast, tapas for lunch, tapas for dinner. I can officially say, I’m done with tapas….for now.

We, as in the boy and I, went to Malaga, Seville and Madrid. The winner was definitely Seville. Perfect size city for getting around and so much beautiful scenery. As I have mentioned before, (and Im sure you’ve noticed) I am not the best for taking photographs while away. I am lazy. The camera, is at times a chore, to carry about, get in and out of the bag… like I said. Lazy. All the same, I persevered, for myself and the blog.

I will win no awards for these pics, but at least it will show you I was away and that I wasnt being lazy when it came to posting on the blog. I am not one of these super bloggers that brings the laptop and all equipment with me needed to blog post on my travels. cough*  lazy *cough

So with all that said and excuses given, I give you a brief glimpse into the sights I saw when I wasnt busy stuffing my face and washing it all down with wine or sangria or beer or mojitos or margaritas or…. ya, I am sure you get the idea.



look at me, Im small!

Christopher Columbus's remains.. or part of them anyway



My pictures of Madrid are pretty much non-existent. It was the last 3 days of holiday and I was to busy soaking up the last of the sun and stuffing my face to take many. Useless I am. I did have time to pose for one last picture though.. of course.

Its a tough life, I lead..

Ok. So there ya have it, regular, more vintage-esque post coming next! XX




Sep 18

Off to a nicer place

Im off to Spain for a few days… consequently I will not be posting anything on the blog until October. Try not to miss me too much. I will be off finally enjoying the sunshine that I am always moaning about missing. I am going to be tanned (yes yes I know sun damage blah blah)

I am also NOT going to forget my camera, so I should have plenty of entertaining stories and photographs to share with you when I get back as well as the next installment on my vintage model mini series.

Adios amigos! :)

Sep 05

Film Festival Fashion

Its raining. Again. WTF. Usually September weather is decent. So far it has been a big disappointment, much like that joke of a summer we just had. Worst one ever. Blah. Am I always moaning about the weather? Yes. I know, Im sorry. Im off on holidays in 2 weeks. Thank f**k. Sunshine, real live sunshine. I cant wait.

Ok rant over. (for today) This morning I spotted this gorgeous picture of Kiera Knightley on the Marie Claire website.

Enchanted VintageSwoon. Ordinarily, I am not a Knightley fan, but this beautiful Valentino gown she wore to the Venice film festival gets full marks from me. Its so gorgeous and she looks beautiful in it. So then I thought I’d share it with you, along with some of my other favorite dresses (some of them with a vintage-y feel to them ) from last weeks film festivals.

This is what I like to call, the lazy mans post. Minimal effort required.  Sorry, I’m blaming the weather for lack of motivation.

Enchanted VintageOh go on then. Another one of herself. Still though this Mary Katrantzou dress is rather fabulous. Think I might be warming to Knightley and as for Mary Katrantzou… loving her work so far.

Enchanted Vintage Do I love this dress? OMG yes. This is Angela Riseborough, (upcoming star in Madonnas Wallis Simpson film) in Dior Couture. It makes me want to be a princess or a bride. Shhh, no I did not say that. Relax Steve, Im kidding. I just want to a princess.

Enchanted Vintage

Evan Rachel Wood. Smiling? Not pouting? What next? Sun in Ireland? Doubtful. I love the 1940s feel to this dress but I wish it wasnt white. By designer Alessandra Rich.

Enchanted VintageDiane Kruger. Goddess among women, in another beautiful gown by Elie Saab. She actually does look like a princess.

Enchanted Vintage

Another Diane Kruger pic. (of course) I cant tell you how much I wish this dress was mine…. Chanel (of course) sigh.

Enchanted Vintageand last and possibly least, Kate Bosworth in Valentino. Its a rather simple black dress, so not terribly exciting, yet, I love the shape and the bow and the sheer top and sleeves. And the shoes…. gimme.

And that concludes my lazy mans post on this rather rainy Monday.

Apologies, Ill make up for it next time, I promise. X





Sep 02

Links a La Mode

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Last night while I was out enjoying just 1* glass of wine (eh hem) I saw in my emails that I had been selected for this weeks Independent Fashion Bloggers weekly round up, with my last post Balmain, past and present. Rather chuffed I was. So here it is along with 19 other wonderful links for you to check out over the weekend.. enjoy! :)

Season of Change

Edited by: Meghan of WIT & Whimsy

One of my favorite parts about fashion is how the seasons influence our style. As summer winds down, and as this week’s Links a la Mode showcase, it appears we fashion bloggers are ready to usher in fall and embrace layering, new trends and an entirely new season full of ways to rework our wardrobes.

The IFB Weekly Roundup: LINKS À LA MODE: September 1st


Fashions Night Out at Shopbop: Chaser Tees, Vince, Tbags LA, Freecity, Obakki, Maison Scotch, Aiko, So Low, Joie, Siwy, Wilt tees, Cut 25, & UGGs.


If you would like to submit your link for next week’s Links à la Mode, please register first, then post your links HERE. The HTML code for this week will be found in the Links a la Mode group will be published later today. ~Jennine


Aug 22

Its an 80’s dream




Its Monday! Blah. Im not feeling the love for it today. I am however feeling the love for this 80’s dress. I love the fitted halter top with the rhinestone buttons and the flared skirt has a faint hint of sparkle! Um, yes please.

As usual the dress is stolen goods from my moms vintage clothing shop, enchanted vintage. I promise Ill return it…someday. A photo shoot with my sister is still on the cards,Im  just waiting for a day when we are both here in the morning and neither of us are suffering from a hangover and the sun is out. (It could happen)

Attempting to stay true to the 80’s theme, I put on my new models own lipstick called Hot Pink, which looks suspiciously like the wet and wild lipstick I had when I was 10. Why a ten year old had hot pink lipstick I cannot say, I certainly didn’t steal it from my mom as she would never have worn a shade like that. Im fairly sure she’ll have something to say about it too….
Enchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted Vintage









Aug 16

Its all about Burlesque

On Saturday, I went to Dublin to visit a very good friend of mine and she brought me to my first burlesque show. (Long overdue it was)  The show was amazing, plenty of talented acts, lots of dancing and laughs. I cant wait to go to another one. (ciara you have been warned)

Naturally it made me  want to gather a collection of vintage burlesque photographs, which is exactly what I did for your viewing pleasure. They do not disappoint. I could look at pictures like these all day, (because they are fabulous NOT because Im a perv)

I was going to give a brief history of burlesque, but then I realized, there was a lot of info and I didn’t want to do it half assed. I will however give you this link, which is pretty much all you could or would like to know about the history of this wonderfully entertaining art form. I guess this was kind still kind of a half assed post. Apologies. My sister (who I haven’t seen in 2 years) is arriving in a few hours and Im rather distracted! Eeek!

Happy Tuesday all, I hope to do a vintage outfit post with my sis while she is here, so keep a look out! X


Enchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted Vintage

Enchanted Vintage

Enchanted VintageEnchanted Vintage

Aug 09

Lanvin through the Years


Enchanted Vintage

It is no coincidence that the Lanvin logo features a mother and daughter together, as it was Jeanne Lanvin’s love for her daughter that inspired her to make clothing, resulting in one of the most popular designer brands today.

Born in Paris(of course) in 1867, Jeanne trained as a dress maker and a milliner when she was 16. She continued as a milliner opening up shop on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré . In 1897 her daughter Marguerite was born and she began to make dresses for her. Soon her customers began to notice and request clothing for their own children and eventually themselves. Jeanne, eventually opened up a new clothing boutique selling her designs in 1910.

Decades of style and glamour have followed since. Here are just a few of the inspiring designs, from the 1900s to today.


Enchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageLove.

Enchanted Vintagethe famous lanvin blue color
Enchanted Vintageamazing.Enchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted Vintageeven The 70’s dont seem too bad.

Enchanted Vintage

The 80's however was a different story...

Enchanted Vintage



Enchanted Vintage

I absolutely loved this...

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