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Feb 16


enchanted vintage

I could give you any number of reasons why, without warning, I stopped posting on my blog My hands fell off and I’ve been busy learning to type with my toes My cat ate my laptop I was abducted by aliens I won the lotto (finally) and I’ve been far to busy shopping at Dior …

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Nov 16

Blog Event Spring/Summer shows 2012

Enchanted Vintage

Every now and again I participate in a group blogging event; this time I am joining Kristy Elena on her blog for The Sunglass Hut and the theme of the day is the 2012 S/S shows . I must confess, up until I received the email from Kristy about the upcoming event, I hadn’t paid much attention …

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Nov 01

Vintage Viewing

Enchanted Vintage

My new tv love. Pan Am. I know it’s been getting mixed reviews since it aired, but I watched the first 5 episodes online yesterday (call it, research, ah hem) and I’m hooked. I love the characters, I love the clothes! Christina Ricci’s character is my favorite, but I cant wait to see how the other characters …

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Oct 04

Viva Espana


I’m back. I’ve returned from the blissful care free life of sunshine, sangria, and eating tapas. Lots and lots of tapas. Tapas for breakfast, tapas for lunch, tapas for dinner. I can officially say, I’m done with tapas….for now. We, as in the boy and I, went to Malaga, Seville and Madrid. The winner was …

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Sep 18

Off to a nicer place

Im off to Spain for a few days… consequently I will not be posting anything on the blog until October. Try not to miss me too much. I will be off finally enjoying the sunshine that I am always moaning about missing. I am going to be tanned (yes yes I know sun damage blah blah) I …

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Sep 05

Film Festival Fashion

Enchanted Vintage

Its raining. Again. WTF. Usually September weather is decent. So far it has been a big disappointment, much like that joke of a summer we just had. Worst one ever. Blah. Am I always moaning about the weather? Yes. I know, Im sorry. Im off on holidays in 2 weeks. Thank f**k. Sunshine, real live …

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Sep 02

Links a La Mode

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Last night while I was out enjoying just 1* glass of wine (eh hem) I saw in my emails that I had been selected for this weeks Independent Fashion Bloggers weekly round up, with my last post Balmain, past and present. Rather chuffed I was. So here it is along with 19 other wonderful …

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Aug 22

Its an 80’s dream


      Its Monday! Blah. Im not feeling the love for it today. I am however feeling the love for this 80’s dress. I love the fitted halter top with the rhinestone buttons and the flared skirt has a faint hint of sparkle! Um, yes please. As usual the dress is stolen goods from …

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Aug 16

Its all about Burlesque

Enchanted Vintage

On Saturday, I went to Dublin to visit a very good friend of mine and she brought me to my first burlesque show. (Long overdue it was)  The show was amazing, plenty of talented acts, lots of dancing and laughs. I cant wait to go to another one. (ciara you have been warned) Naturally it …

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Aug 09

Lanvin through the Years

Enchanted Vintage

  It is no coincidence that the Lanvin logo features a mother and daughter together, as it was Jeanne Lanvin’s love for her daughter that inspired her to make clothing, resulting in one of the most popular designer brands today. Born in Paris(of course) in 1867, Jeanne trained as a dress maker and a milliner when she was …

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