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Its raining. Again. WTF. Usually September weather is decent. So far it has been a big disappointment, much like that joke of a summer we just had. Worst one ever. Blah. Am I always moaning about the weather? Yes. I know, Im sorry. Im off on holidays in 2 weeks. Thank f**k. Sunshine, real live sunshine. I cant wait.

Ok rant over. (for today) This morning I spotted this gorgeous picture of Kiera Knightley on the Marie Claire website.


Links a La Mode

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Last night while I was out enjoying just 1* glass of wine (eh hem) I saw in my emails that I had been selected for this weeks Independent Fashion Bloggers weekly round up, with my last post Balmain, past and present. Rather chuffed I was. So here it is along with 19 other wonderful links for you to check out over the weekend.. enjoy! :)

Season of Change

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Balmain Past and Present

Pierre Balmain was right along side Dior and Balenciaga in the 1940’s, bringing back the kind of lavish, luxurious clothing, women wanted after the war. He was the personal couturier to the Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand and his glamorous gowns were worn by the likes of Bridget Bardot,  Katherine Hepburn, and Marlene Dietrich.

Pierre worked tirelessly right up to his death in 1982, leaving the label to be run by his assistant until 1993 when Oscar de la Renta took over. Upon de la Renta’s departure the house fell into a financial ruin and was forced to file for bankruptcy. It wasnt until Christophe Decarnin was hired and put in charge that the label was revived.


Lanvin through the Years


Enchanted Vintage

It is no coincidence that the Lanvin logo features a mother and daughter together, as it was Jeanne Lanvin’s love for her daughter that inspired her to make clothing, resulting in one of the most popular designer brands today.

Born in Paris(of course) in 1867, Jeanne trained as a dress maker and a milliner when she was 16. She continued as a milliner opening up shop on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré . In 1897 her daughter Marguerite was born and she began to make dresses for her. Soon her customers began to notice and request clothing for their own children and eventually themselves. Jeanne, eventually opened up a new clothing boutique selling her designs in 1910.


Vintage Style in the AW collections

So, summer hasn’t even arrived and already Im thinking of  the onset of Autumn. It is with out a doubt, my favorite time of year for shopping. The A/W shows so far have not disappointed. While there are a few new trends I shall definitely NOT be trying (see the “new native” and “the future”) I was happy to see (as always) the influence of other decades in this seasons A/W collections.


Vintage Hats for the Races

So, the Galway races are fast approaching and while I am not really a fan of gambling, I do love an excuse to get dolled up. (any excuse really. Im mad excited about my dress this year, but I wont tell you about it just yet, lets leave it a surprise!  I promise to take plenty of photos, so you’ll get to see it soon enough…
I haven’t decided what hat to wear yet and I suppose Im leaving it a bit late, but, Im not overly concerned. My moms store has well over a hundred hats to choose from, so Im sure I’ll figure it out. I love vintage hats, my favorite ones are small with  a veil, like the one below which I wore for one of my outfit posts. I dont think this particular style however, would go with my dress dejour, Im thinking something a little larger… heheheheh.
Lord, Im giddy.
Please excuse me while I continue my plan to conquer ladies day in fabulous fashion and enjoy these vintage ads and photoshoots of gorgeous hats.
Enchanted Vintage
Enchanted Vintage

Im kind of in love with this picture. Too fabulous.


FTF Blog Event Seaside Inspired

A few weeks ago I actually did a vintage inspired seaside shoot, and it is with hind site I realized I probably should have saved it for today, but, its done know and today instead Ive gathered together some vintage swimsuit images to keep you amused instead. BUUUT in case you missed my shoot here is a little taster or for the rest go here

Enchanted Vintage




Mildred Pierce part 2

Oh crap, its Thursday. Where does the time go anyway? This week has totally gotten away from me again and Im sorry! I’m afraid this will only be a quick post and my only one from this week as I am off to London with the man for a weekend shop, erm, I mean break… obviously. Since I am taking the weekend off, as a consequence I’ve been up to my eyeballs at work leaving very little time to blog. Ill be back next week with more London stories and hopefully some vintage purchases to share with you!


Mildred Pierce

So I was at the vintage fair yesterday and of course, dum dum here, forgot to take her camera… didn’t i do that last year? I’ll never learn. Never fear though, I took a few iphone snaps and I intend on sharing them with you later in this week, so until then, you’ll just have to be patient. Now, on to today’s  topic….

I am always interested when I see new dramas coming out that are set in time eras gone by, and I was particularly excited to hear about Kate Winslet, starring in a new HBO mini series called Mildred Pierce.


Women In Pants

While putting together my vintage look of the week post, I started thinking about how unacceptable it was back in the 1900’s for women to wear pants. The picture I referred to in the post, where people are looking upon the women in shock because they are wearing pants, really struck a chord with me.

These days we hardly raise an eyebrow when we see another ‘accidental’ shot of a knicker-less Paris or Lindsey Lohan and aside from Lady Gaga and her boundary pushing meat dress (come on that definitely got more than a few raised eyebrows, credit where credit is due) There isn’t much that shocks us when it comes to fashion.

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