The Vintage Fair some ramblings and iphone pictures

So, the vintage fair is coming up in a few weeks and I’m rather excited!  Obviously, I dont have the shop anymore but my mom does and she will be setting  up there and I will be there to give a hand and ah hem…. (shop). Last year we had a great time at it, and for those of you living in Ireland, I suggest getting to Galway for the 19th of June! The fair is on in the Radisson check this link to find out more.


Patiently Waiting For The Sun

Enchanted Vintage

I hate going on and on about how the weather is dismal and how Ive been patiently waiting for a bit of sunshine before I unleash my next set of vintage look photos….. but…… here it is and here it stays.  Next week, if it hasn’t let up, I’m just going to do them in the rain. I’m going to stand out there and let the wind lift my dress up over my ears and let the rain frizz the hair and make my mascara run in utter defiance of the shitty weather. Ya that’ll show… them?  I dunno.


Film Fashion Inspirations

For  starters, let me apologize for my lack of posting and also the lack of outfit posts the last 2 weeks! The weather has been abysmal and certainly not suitable for the kind of spring shoots I had in mind. Aside from that, I am in the midst of packing up the shop AND finishing my restaurant job, so I am all over the bloody place. Yes, thats right Im quitting both jobs, starting totally fresh in a brand new job, which I am very excited about. Ill be talking about it more once Ive settled in.


True Vintage – How to Spot a Fake

The vintage mother sent me this today for my blog, which couldn’t have come at a  better time really. I had nothing planned for today (am feeling slightly discombobulated as a result of the closing of the shop this week and other news which I shall share with you on a later date) and wasn’t sure what to blog about, so thanks Mom!  These are  some really important tips for vintage lovers and its important to know this stuff when going vintage trawling, so off with you, read and learn!!


Enchanted Vintage

True Vintage – How to spot a fake


Full Time Fabulous Blog Event


The lovely Kristy Elena, of the sunglasses hut Full Time Fabulous blog has organized another blogging event and this one is all about Spring…or our interpretation of it.  Sadly, our spring weather  seems to have deserted us here in Ireland and we are now back to grey and cloudy and not terribly spring like. Bah.

How ever, I am not going to let that prevent me from showing you my interpretation of spring (which isn’t necessarily fashion related), so here it goes.


Dandelions. Yes, I know they are weeds. But they are pretty yellow weeds, and when they start popping up,you know spring has arrived!


Vintage Photographs and Other News


During the Easter break I stumbled across this random site. Although it appears to be a psychology blog, it also has a collection of vintage photographs (oddly), that I cant stop stealing. They are truly amazing. I’ve already shown you a few but I couldn’t resist showing you a few more…. I love old photographs, I really do find them endlessly fascinating. I hope you will too!


Vintage Style at Coachella


Ahhh, Coachella. I dream of the day I can actually afford to go, to be surrounded by so many stylish people and celebrities and most importantly lots of sunshine, oh and erm… the music obviously. Seriously though, for the last few years Ive been doing some serious style stalking of this festival and I have to say its the winner in the style stakes hands down. I have been checking out all the images for the last week or so and wanted to share my favorites with you.


Vintage Photographs and Easter Ramblings


So.  This post started off as some kind of Easter… something. (I wasn’t going to say Easter tribute, because I’m not religious and that would just be silly) I was on the hunt for vintage Easter type images and stumbled across this site, which has a serious amount of really fabulous vintage photographs. (not Easter related)

So instead, I got 1 vintage type  easter image (that was obviously a mobile phone screen saver, but I liked it regardless) and a whole load of  amazing vintage  pictures featuring some of my favorite actresses.



I am very pleased to be in the line up for this weeks, links a la mode, on the Independent Fashion Bloggers Network, for the post the vintage mom wrote last week. Check it out out along with all the other wonderful blogs that got listed this week! X

Operation #Uplift

Edited by Vahni of Grit & Glamour

Oh no. It’s The-Coveted-gate all over again. As much as I wish I could start this week’s roundup with a glowing review of positivity, the sad truth is that the blogosphere is rife with accusations of trademark infringement, side-eye, competition, and bitchiness. Ladies and gents, it is time for this to stop.


Mad Men and January Jones

As you all might know (since Ive mentioned it a few times, like here and here), I am a rather massive fan of the AMC show Mad Men. I have been watching it online for several months now and I am finally all caught up. (I know what your thinking …. wow, what a tremendous waste of time) Yes, yes fine.

Any how, all judgement aside, I saw that January Jones is the Uk cover girl for Marie Claire this month and I couldn’t wait to show you the photos. I think January Jones is absolutely stunning (even thought truth be told, her character in Mad Men is dull as dishwater, I just wish she would break free of her stepford wife-ness, and do something other than look perfect and sulky all the time, know what I mean?)

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