Vintage Viewing

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My new tv love. Pan Am. I know it’s been getting mixed reviews since it aired, but I watched the first 5 episodes online yesterday (call it, research, ah hem) and I’m hooked. I love the characters, I love the clothes!

Christina Ricci’s character is my favorite, but I cant wait to see how the other characters develop in the next few episodes, I just really hope they dont cancel it after one season.  This is just the fix I needed, while I patiently wait for Mad Men, True Blood and Game of Thrones to come back. (I know, whatanerd)


The London Diaries part deux

Ok, when I last left you, I had visited several, well known, vintage stores on the East side of London. I actually went into a few more vintage stores that day, but I didn’t want to cram it all into one post… lest I bore you. Cant have that happening, now can we?

My next 3 shops were The Vintage store, The Vintage Basement, and House of Vintage. (spot a trend?) House of Vintage was definitely more like our own shop, in that it had lots of occasion wear. Some really gorgeous dresses, coats and hats. Vintage store was also super cute, it had rows of old red cinema seats and to be honest if I hadn’t been on a budget (a very tight budget) I would have been tempted to buy a few things here, loads of old cut off levis and cute shirts.


The London Diaries part 1

Well, as you all may or not know, I went to London last Thursday. I mean Friday morning, no thanks to Aer Lingus canceling my flight 5 minutes before boarding, with absolutely no warning of a delay or anything… no, I’m not  AT ALL bitter. Honest. Just as well I have friends in Dublin that I could call at half 9 at night to come rescue me. (for those of you not in the know I live in Galway, which is a 3 hour bus journey away from Dubin) Like I said not bitter.