Its an 80’s dream




Its Monday! Blah. Im not feeling the love for it today. I am however feeling the love for this 80’s dress. I love the fitted halter top with the rhinestone buttons and the flared skirt has a faint hint of sparkle! Um, yes please.

As usual the dress is stolen goods from my moms vintage clothing shop, enchanted vintage. I promise Ill return it…someday. A photo shoot with my sister is still on the cards,Im  just waiting for a day when we are both here in the morning and neither of us are suffering from a hangover and the sun is out. (It could happen)


Enchanted Vintage at the Races


Oh, so another race week has come and gone and all the locals of Galway can breath a sigh of relief. Phew. Yes, of course it brings in a huge amount of people and creates a bit of a ‘buzz’ if you will, but, for those of us working in the hospitality trade, it is a nightmare of the most hellish kind.  Lots and lots of idiot drunks, puking in the streets, fighting, urinating in public and in fact one couple was spotted having sex outside a restaurant one evening. Oh the sophistication of it all.


Not another grey sky

I feel like this dress is really more of a spring dress, than a summer dress. Not that it matters since the season we call summer is currently playing hard to get. Im so sick of looking at the washed out grey/white sky. Blah. Uninspiring it is.


Vintage Seaside

Its Monday and  I have a post up to go along with it. Yup. Im feeling pretty darn pleased with myself. I WILL be organized this week. Oh yes, yes, I will.

Ok then, now that the self affirmations are finished on to this weeks ‘erm’ vintage  look of the week. There was an unusually strange light streaming through the curtains on Saturday morning and after confirming it was in fact the sun and that I wasnt dreaming, I lured the photographer out of bed with the promise of  buying him breakfast in exchange for his picture taking skills. It was not in fact as warm as it looked and as soon as we finished shooting, I went back home to put on some more layers. Airy trousers and a backless swimsuit inst ideal for windy 13 degree weather!


Almost Summer

I can practically taste it. The last 4 or 5 weeks have been BRUTAL. Wind, rain, charming thick grey clouds and the occasional hailstone. The sun peeped out this morning and apparently, better still, we are about to experience…. wait for it….. a heat wave. Bah hahahhahahhahaha. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Either way, at the first glimpse of sun, I grabbed my ‘ah hem’ willing photographer and ran outside for some quick snaps of this gorgeous pale pink, very summery dress before the sun could do a disappearing act… again. Look at how happy I am, positively giddy with the arrival of the sun (notice dark clouds looming over head) Either way, sorry it took so long, with the promise of good weather I should be able to get a few more done in the next few days!


Much I Do About Nothing


Why am I wandering around in a graveyard in a vintage wedding dress? Firstly, let me assure you, the choice to wear a wedding dress has Nothing to do with the nuptials that shall not be named. Well you see, I had this idea for a slightly haunting shoot in a graveyard….

Im not sure I really  achieved that.  I think my dress should have been more flowy/flowing? Hair down, all blowing in the wind, sort of Kate Bush esque in Wuthering Heights but without all the controversial dancing and animated expressions….  whats that you say, Im not making a music video? Oh right.


The Kids Are Alright

Last week, it was all about the dress, this week, its all about the hat. I’m in love with this hat.  Its 1940s and from the moment I put it on my head, I felt ridiculously glamorous, even though it was 10 in the morning and raining and I was hardly awake.

I definitely felt like I was channeling the 1947  ‘new look’ created by Dior.  The  ‘dress’ I am wearing was probably worn as a  coat instead of a dress in the 1950s, but could easily be worn as either. The large buttons and the pockets are what really make it for me.


Not So Blue Hawaii


Hawaii was the holiday destination in the 1950’s, with a dozen or so films being made there and the rest of Hollywood jumping aboard planes and cruise-ships for a visit, its popularity soared. It became the  United States 50th state in 1959.

So, with all this going on, it is little surprise that fashions from Hawaii were very popular around that time and this very dress, not only looks Hawaiian, but the label read “Paradise Hawaii’ made in Honolulu. Yes! I actually felt a bit like a movie star while wearing it, hence all the poses (oops, may have gotten carried away, slightly) Either way, I had a lot of fun with this shoot, because the sun was out, the dress is bright and fun, and yes, I felt a bit like a movie star…


Playing Princess

Last week when we were taking the pictures of the wonderful 80’s lace dress, I also brought a cape along, just to experiment with. We’ve had it for awhile (as well as several others) and I love them but am at a loss at how best to photograph them. I am fully aware that it would work best with a full length gown, but decided to give it a test run with the 80’s dress instead.

I feel like we captured this one well enough and I am excited about doing it again with another one of our capes and a gown so I can channel my inner princess, and pretend Im in Lord of the  Rings or The Princess Bride (one of my all time favorite movies, fyi)


Black Lace Beauty

I know the 80’s is a decade a lot of people dont like to consider ‘real’ vintage, (yes Im talking to you mom) and I do know what they mean, but truth be told anything over 20 years old is considered vintage, which means much of my terrible 90’s fashion faux pas are also about to be relabeled as’ vintage’ fashion faux pas.  What-evs, Ill deal with that when I have to, but for now Id like to focus on the 80’s.

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