Who or What are you?

We are Enchanted Vintage Clothing, We as in the royal WE, are a mother and daughter team, trying to make a good honest ol fashioned living working for ourselves instead of the “man” whoever he is… What we are is open for discussion, but I like to think we are the very best at bringing quality Vintage clothing to Ireland by means of our website (www.vintageclothing.ie) and our 2 stores, one in Sligo and one in Galway. For more info see the pages called history and about this girl.

What is Vintage?

The term Vintage, when used in association with clothing, is classified as anything over 20 years old, anything from before the 1920’s is considered antique.

Isnt Vintage just a fancy word for used or 2nd hand ?

Um, no. I dont know about the rest of the vintage sellers of the world, but I for one feel, that it is an insult to refer to vintage clothing in this manner. This is not the dumping ground for: last years (or the year before), cast offs/ has beens/ doesn’t fit/should never have bought it/ stretched out/what was I thinking/why did i waste my money on this piece of crap? This is the home of genuine, classy (well maybe not some of the 80’s stuff), well constructed, rare, items of clothing from eras gone by. They deserve more respect than a wrinkling of the nose and a “is this used” sniff.

Why Vintage?

Why not? Haven’t you ever watched old movies and thought to yourself ” Dont they look fabulous”?  Have you ever wanted to be absolutely sure that none else is going to be wearing the same thing you are? Have you ever wanted to own your own little piece of the past? Well then, thats why.

How do you price your clothing?

We price our clothing on a number of factors. What year it was made , how rare it is, the condition it is in, and of course if it is made by a particular label that may be of higher value.  We often get many comments on the prices both positive and negative. We aim to be competitive but not over priced, unfortunately with the rising interest in vintage clothing, it is getting harder and harder to find, thus making the prices a little higher. Apologies..

Why is everything so small, why dont you have more stock in larger sizes?

Because dear friends, in those days, you did not get dressed without the use of undergarments.Undergarments that were made with rubber, nylon, whalebone, and other wonderfully constricting materials such as  metal. It was in fact considered  rather  unladylike to go without the proper undergarments and if you did go out without them you were known as  a ‘loose woman'( and now maybe you will understand where that term originated from)  Corsets and girdles were the way women of all shapes and sizes managed to mold themselves into the seemingly perfect hourglass shape 36-25-36.  As a result quite a few of our pieces have a rather fantastic bustline and a waistline you havent seen since your early teens, we do however have all sizes and just because your waistline isnt a 25 doesnt mean you wont find something!

Do you do exchanges of refunds?

In short. No. As you are aware, our clothing is not brand new and all though we take great care to make sure there are no faults or damage to any of our items, we cannot be held responsible for any wear and tear that occurs after the garments have been worn. The majority of our stock is 60+ years old, the seams may tear, a button may come loose, these are not unrepairable issues and we would advise you to wear your vintage pieces with care . We are not unreasonable however, so please do not  hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or issues regarding a purchase.

Do you deliver anywhere and how can we pay?

Yes we do deliver, and no it doesnt matter where you live. If you are on our website, the recommended payment method is paypal, we also accept checks, but please be aware that if you are posting a check we can not send you the purchased item until we receive payment. The galway shop can also accept payments by credit card over the phone.