Oct 19

Good Morning from Enchanted Vintage

I am sitting here, starring bleary eyed at my computer, contemplating whether or not I should go across the street and grab another coffee (I just had one, but it is definitely a 2 coffee morning)

This morning when I got up,  I peered out my window just like I do everyday, to see what kind of day we are dealing with (Generally grey, rainy, ahh good ol’ Galway weather) and I was greeted with a rather fabulous orange sunrise. So I grabbed my camera and took a few quick snaps. They came out pretty well and it actually made me think of todays post idea. The things that you see in the morning, that inspire you, that help pull you out of bed and help you face another day.

Enchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageFor some reason this song also popped into my head this morning…  great song to get up to! X Alabama 3 on youtube

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