Nov 18

Mad Men and Vintage advertising

Well of course I watch Mad Men, but I have to admit I only started recently and I am a little behind (currently at the beginning of Season 2) I know, I know, terrible, but in my defense I was busy. (Busy catching up on Gossip Girl) Ha, ok stop judging I have my priorities!

Maybe you watch Gossip Girl, maybe you watch Mad Men, if  you dont watch either I highly recommend both but perhaps Mad Men is just a little better. Either way they are both A-mazing for fashion spotting. I absolutely love the style in both of them, fantastic, but since this post isn’t about Gossip Girl, Ill stop talking about it… for now.

This post isn’t actually about the fashion in Mad Men either (more on that in another post), while I was watching the ‘Mad Men’ in advertising, it got me thinking (shock I know) about the actual advertisements of the 1960’s. I have come across a few magazine ads from the 40’s and 50’s and found them fairly amusing, in fact I even scanned a few onto an earlier post called Magazine love and the history of Mc Calls. They were all basically aimed at keeping your man happy which I guess was a popular way to sell products back then.

I decided I wanted to check out some television ads and went to youtube. What a laugh. I have decided to share the best ones with you, because really, these need to be seen.

I dont even know where to start. In the first clip, the husband says her coffee is undrinkable and she responds by saying ‘thats pretty harsh’  Harsh?! Thats not harsh and then to punish her he didn’t kiss her goodbye.. dear lord. Also did you by chance notice that in both clips they had made and ENTIRE pot of INSTANT coffee and then placed it on a hot plate?? Delicious. A  pot of instant coffee being kept on a hot plate. yum

Eh. Serious. They were allowed to use cartoons to advertise cigarettes. There is NO way that would be ok now. Can you just imagine if they did that now? You didn’t hear Fred or Barney mentioning any cigarette death warnings, nope it was ll about the good clean tobacco flavor.

Hmmm. I have never actually heard of Albolene and I’m wondering if this awful ad had anything to do with it. I did however, really enjoy the lines drawn down the middle of her face.

This one is of the many ‘anti-drug’ commercials that were circulating in the late 60’s and 70’s mainly due to, well, the obvious amount of drug use going on! This one had me laughing my ass off. Its to good, the music, the images, the story choice. Too funny. There are tons more like it on youtube if you have time and need a bit of a laugh… Let me know what you think of these vids or if you have found any better ones!! X


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  1. Hot Cake Fashion

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by, yes Isabel Lucas is pretty stunning..puh..I wouldn’t mind wearing a pair of scalloped shorts if I looked like that. I would love to swap Bloglovin,Facebook Following and perhaps a Blogroll?Link..lot’s I know, but with all these options I’ll better swap them all with you:-)
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  2. Your Kitty

    Ohhh muh gosh, after the one about LSD I’m about pissing myself laughing. Holy shit, that is priceless. “The hotdog had a wife and seven kids to fee.”
    If I were an adolescent in the 60s, I’m pretty sure that commercial would have convinved me that acid was a great idea. Plus the girl has great hair.
    The Folgers ad is ridiculous, I’d seen it before, but examples of sexist advertising are endless.
    Thanks for sharing this with us! I really enjoyed the post and will definitely look forward to reading more from you. :)
    xo, Kitty

    1. jessica

      Thank you very much Kitty!! I just thought they were to good to not share :)

  3. jessica

    Thank you Annie!! X

  1. Annie Mame

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