Model History Sunny Harnett

Ah. foiled again. I had all these images found and saved upon the ol’laptop for my next post, only to discover that there is next to no information on my model of the week Ms. Sunny Harnett. That will teach me to do things backwards. Oops.

So, I guess I’ll share with you the few (rather uninteresting facts I could find)

  1. Born in Brooklyn, New York 1924, real name  Annmarie Margot Harnett
  2. She was a big name in the modeling world in the 1950s.
  3. She worked as Eileen Fords (of Ford Models)  assistant after retiring
  4. She died in a fire 1987

No lie, that’s all I could locate. Riveting stuff. Apologies. No excuse for it really, should have picked another model, but at least you can still appreciate the pretty pictures…. right? 

Say yes so I dont feel guilty.

Enchanted Vintage

Harper’s Bazaar 1954, Richard Avedon photo, dress by Madame Gres

Enchanted Vintage

Sunny and Dovima

Enchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted Vintage

Dress and hat Dior

Now that I’ve bombarded you with ALL of that, Im going to leave you time to process it. Never fear, I have another post coming tomorrow. No really, 2 posts in 1 week. Try not to be too shocked. X



  • http://made-to-travel.com/ Jamillah

    LOL, the pictures are gorgeous and it’s yet another model I had never heard of so I’m totally sated by the pics alone. I looooove the 2nd one. 

  • Mena1d

    Sunny was a WONDERFUL woman-full of life, very down to earth and friendly, with a great sense of humor!
    During the early seventies she worked as a casting director at an NYC advertising agency-which is where I met her.
    She recently came to mind-I hadn’t thought about her for years, and so decided to google her.
    Finding myself on this website I felt an obligation to give her dimension- more then what the
    Photos of her offer. She really was a lovely human being.

    • jezebel538

      Hi, I really struggled to find any information about Sunny on the internet so your contribution is very much appreciated! I have no doubt that she was an amazing and wonderful person. Thank you so much for commenting!! -jessica
      Subject: [thisgirlsvintage] Re: Model History Sunny Harnett

  • Zacki

    Lovely Sunny booked me for several ads when she was a casting director. I knew that she had been a cover girl herself, but only yesterday read that she had died in a fire.
    Does anyone have more information about that….
    Zacki Murphy

  • Jeanette Jordan

    I was Sunny’s assistant when she was Casting Director at Clairol. I loved her very much. It was such an honor to work for her and with her.