Apr 28

Much I Do About Nothing


Why am I wandering around in a graveyard in a vintage wedding dress? Firstly, let me assure you, the choice to wear a wedding dress has Nothing to do with the nuptials that shall not be named. Well you see, I had this idea for a slightly haunting shoot in a graveyard….

Im not sure I really  achieved that.  I think my dress should have been more flowy/flowing? Hair down, all blowing in the wind, sort of Kate Bush esque in Wuthering Heights but without all the controversial dancing and animated expressions….  whats that you say, Im not making a music video? Oh right.


Yes, the purpose of these pictures is to show you our fine vintage collections, not for me to try and live out my childhood fantasies of starring in a music video. (and no, I wont tell you which one and no, it definitely wasn’t a Kate Bush one either)

This is/was a 1970s wedding dress and is a size 12. The bag and rhinestone choker are both 1940s and gorgeous…  the bag is fully beaded with 2 large rhinestones at the clasp. For prices or any other enquiries please contact us (If the enquiry is to ask whether or not it was I who drank the can of scrumpy jack in the below image, I can assure you it was not)

Enchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted Vintage


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  1. Heather Fonseca

    The black and white one’s have that creepy feel to them! I’ve always wanted to do a fashion shoot in a graveyard too.

    You should have done a closeup of the accessories!


    1. Anonymous

      I know! Im such a spacer sometimes!

      Jessica Robinsonhttp://enchantedvintageclothing.com/http://www.vintageclothing.ie/catalog/

  2. Aquí

    beautiful photos!! Love the soft look!

  3. Anonymous

    The effects are beautifully done in these photos. Lovely!!

    Sophistique Noir – Dark, Elegant Fashion

    1. jessica

      Thanks, I had a good time editing these!

  4. sherbet

    The black and white turned out really great Jess ay!

  5. Alexis of NorthOnHarper

    This dress is so elegant! I love it…. especial the neck and back details….

  6. Lee Oliveira

    This dress is so chic and beautiful
    Lovely shots
    lee x

  7. Veshoevius

    What a stunning dress! And in such amazing condition too. The photos look fantastic – I love the graveyard in the background – what a dramatic backdrop!

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks V! Did you see my post on Isadora Duncan? Id be curious to see if you like it, I’m sure with your dancing background, you knw a good bit about her! (probably more than me) :)

      Jessica Robinsonhttp://enchantedvintageclothing.com/http://www.vintageclothing.ie/catalog/

  8. Jennifer

    This dress is so stunning as well as beautiful. Its looking gorgeous.Thanks for sharing this article with us.I like this article.Keep sharing with us.

  1. Vintage Clothing

    […] I am selling to be pre-worn & pre-loved and will show signs of their wear &/or age. Vintage clothVintage Clothing – Please bid only if you agree & understand that by bidding on a vintage item, you can expect the […]

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