Jul 08

Not another grey sky

I feel like this dress is really more of a spring dress, than a summer dress. Not that it matters since the season we call summer is currently playing hard to get. Im so sick of looking at the washed out grey/white sky. Blah. Uninspiring it is.

So here I am in gorgeous patterned late 1950s early/60s dress from our vintage store. I absolutely love the color combo in it as they aren’t colors you see very often, I probably should have done a 1960’s hairdo to go with it but, I was being lazy. Lazy as in, the dress was quite tight in the arms and in actual fact I couldn’t lift my arms up to do my hair and I didn’t feel like taking the dress back off to fix it. If I was going to keep the dress, I would have to get the sleeves removed…. so as you can imagine my movement in the photographs was a touch…stiff. A bit like a dummy if you will. (no smart comments please)

My hat, (purchased in primark) you may have seen before, in my vintage seaside pictures, and the vintage ring you see is actually mine, its an ivory rose and it was passed down to me from my aunt. While I have a ton of jewelry (both new and vintage)  I hardly ever get to wear anything other than a necklace as wearing rings and bracelets just gets in the way at work!

(A note:  Posing while trying to balance on wet, slippery rocks, with limited movement in your arms,not ideal.Falling on your face on rocks not the best for fashionable photographs)



Enchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted VintageEnchanted Vintage

Enchanted Vintage


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  1. Alexis of NorthOnHarper

    Spring dress/ Summer dress…. either way it is lovely!  I imagine going to a lovely picnic— esp with that hat!

  2. Sarah Waldron

    Love the pattern on the dress, it’s a bit like a quilt! And you’ve matched yourself to your surrounding perfectly, which is a major plus!

  3. Ladyofashion

    Stunning dear. I love the pink + lime combo in this outfit. Your ring is beautiful, I’ve been wearing alot of vintage jewellery lately instead of keeping it tucked away. Though, at my work also so of the pieces may be a bit over the top, haha! Great pattern on the dress. :)

  4. sherbet

    Struggled to get these photos but turned out great.

  5. Jamillah

    Jessica!!! Your outfit posts always transport me to another time!!! They are so dreamy…and a special thank you for risking your gorgeous face on those rocks for beautiful pics.

    I hope summer skies find you soon!

  6. Jennifer Smith

    This is really very nice pics and vintage clothing are always have craze for everyone.

  7. Pkane100

    Lovely dress. O

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