The history

Enchanted Vintage was born in Charlottesville, Virginia by Victoria Robinson in 1991. Victoria  (also known as mom) was born and and raised in New York City.  As a teenager in the 70’s she preferred the glamour and style of the past generations to the one of her own. She spent her spare time and money  searching the local 2nd hand stores in search of more interesting individual items to wear.  Fast forward a few years (and few different locations) to when she was working in an antique store in downtown Charlottesville. Her passion for vintage clothing still going strong and her collection ever growing, her then boss offered her a small corner of the antique store to sell some of her finds. She set it up, decided to call it Enchanted Vintage and off it took.

However, her “enchantment” with living state side was beginning to wear and in 1995 she took the opportunity to pack up the business, the family, and her life and move to Sligo, Ireland.  Fast forward another few years (and a lot of adjusting) to 2002  when she decided to relaunch the business in Rathcormac, Sligo.  After a few years and a lot of work, along with the help of the website launch Enchanted Vintage is  becoming one of the most well known go to places for fabulous vintage finds in Ireland. In July 2010 we opened up our second location in Galway city, Ireland and is being run by myself,  Jessica Robinson (also known as the daughter).

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