Jun 03

The Vintage Fair some ramblings and iphone pictures

So, the vintage fair is coming up in a few weeks and I’m rather excited!  Obviously, I dont have the shop anymore but my mom does and she will be setting  up there and I will be there to give a hand and ah hem…. (shop). Last year we had a great time at it, and for those of you living in Ireland, I suggest getting to Galway for the 19th of June! The fair is on in the Radisson check this link to find out more.

I have officially started my new job as FOH manager in Eight, bar and restaurant. I’m back to what I used to do and Im loving it. While I am a die hard fan of  vintage, the shop wasnt really working for me. I missed the more social setting of the bar/restaurant trade. Who knew? I’m sure a lot of it was down to the fact that it was just so quiet. Galway is really struggling at the moment, especially the retail side of things. A lot of business have shut down over the last 6 months, so at least I know we weren’t alone in our struggles. Anyway, onwards and upwards! The  vintage website is still going strong and without the stress of overheads, it was a bit of a no brainer to make the decision to close the shop.

So here we are no worse off and looking forward to what the summer brings!  I’m still trying to get into a routine that works for me and the blog, while trying to figure out the best way to take the blog forward. Im thinking perhaps some videos, on vintage make-up and hair styles? What do you think? Id love some suggestions!

Until then, I thought Id share with you some of my recent snaps taken with my i phone! Yes, thats right, Ive turned into one of them.  I am no longer interested in communicating with you unless you can tell me about the latest app. I’m kidding. Seriously….. Its a bank holiday weekend and Im mad excited!! Im going on a boat party, yippee …. enjoy your weekend folks, I know I will! X

Enchanted Vintage

what its been like in Galway the last 6 weeks... well maybe not this bad..

Enchanted Vintage

Enchanted Vintage

The view from my new work place...

Enchanted Vintage

My cat looking somewhat sinister.. shes not really... no really..

Enchanted Vintage

Got these in Penneys for 3.50... well worth it!

Enchanted Vintage

the walk home


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  1. Alexis of NorthOnHarper

    Wow— the view alone would have convinced me to take the FOH job! 

    I also shared photos on my blog today—- great minds think alike!

    1. Anonymous

      True! but Im sure yours is better at responding to comments and posting more frequently on her blog! I need to step it up a gear for sure!

      Jessica Robinsonhttp://enchantedvintageclothing.com/http://www.vintageclothing.ie/catalog/

  2. Courtney

    Good luck with your new job!

  3. Miriamhughes26

    Nice pictures Jess, makes me miss Galway, even when it rains!! Enjoy your weekend!! Catch up with ya soon hopefully xx

    1. Anonymous

      Mims. when you coming to visit?? My bday, 2 weeks? go on…

      Jessica Robinsonhttp://enchantedvintageclothing.com/http://www.vintageclothing.ie/catalog/

  4. Grit and Glamour

    Glad you’re back to doing something you love. That kitty photo is fab! And your nails are too!

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks Vahni! x I wish my nails were as amazing as yours though!

      Jessica Robinsonhttp://enchantedvintageclothing.com/http://www.vintageclothing.ie/catalog/

  5. sherbet

    Nice photos again Jess 

  6. Ginareidy

    I miss you, I miss Galway, I missed the boat party although I miss you more :(. Loving the blog by the way

    1. Anonymous

      Ah, I miss you more lady! Wish you were coming to visit soon!!

      Jessica Robinsonhttp://enchantedvintageclothing.com/http://www.vintageclothing.ie/catalog/

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