Apr 18

The Kids Are Alright

Last week, it was all about the dress, this week, its all about the hat. I’m in love with this hat.  Its 1940s and from the moment I put it on my head, I felt ridiculously glamorous, even though it was 10 in the morning and raining and I was hardly awake.

I definitely felt like I was channeling the 1947  ‘new look’ created by Dior.  The  ‘dress’ I am wearing was probably worn as a  coat instead of a dress in the 1950s, but could easily be worn as either. The large buttons and the pockets are what really make it for me.

I am also fully aware, that it is not ladylike to have your petticoat hanging out form under your coat/dress, but it refused to stay up and I kind of liked the color flash and I’ve never claimed to be a lady anyway. (ok mom? cause I know thats what you are thinking)

The shoes are black satin rosette Daniels Greens from the 1950’s. Daniel Green shoes and in fact this very style (satin mule with rosette) were very popular in the 1950’s and we have a huge amount of them in the shop in many sizes (and colors) if you are interested in a pair, just drop me a mail. (same goes for the dress and hat)

At this stage of the game and some 23 vintage looks later (Yes, 23. Holy crap) I would say I’m fairly used to running around the town in various vintage ensemble’s and getting the odd strange look from people wondering why I’m running around in ball gowns, vintage suits, petticoats etc…. but this time, outside the town hall, in the middle off shooting, several buses of children arrived for some kind of school outing.

The kids were very excited about what was happening and there was much screaming and waving. I felt a bit like Miley Cyrus (but much much older and with better clothes) …. ha ha. They all cheered and waved good bye as we were leaving and Steve snapped a quick picture as we crossed the road, I added it to the end so you could see, because they were just too cute. X


Enchanted Vintage

Enchanted Vintage

Enchanted Vintage

Enchanted Vintage

Enchanted VintageEnchanted Vintage


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  1. Laura

    Love love love this! Came across your blog thanks to the Facebook group of Irish fashion bloggers- beautiful style :)

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks Laura, Glad you found me and Ive found you in return!!

      Jessica Robinsonhttp://enchantedvintageclothing.com/http://www.vintageclothing.ie/catalog/

  2. Fashionpearlsofwisdom

    So beautiful!! I love how you played around with the colours, how cute are all the kids!

    1. Anonymous

      They were too cute! It was however, rather odd to have that amount of children shouting and waving at you!

      Jessica Robinsonhttp://enchantedvintageclothing.com/http://www.vintageclothing.ie/catalog/

  3. Fashnlvr

    This is an amazing look! I love your hat and dress/coat! Beautifully channelling the 50’s!!

  4. sherbet

    Hopefully that is the payed bill you are posting to the photographer!!!

    1. Anonymous

      Sure. Its an envelope full of payments…. in IOU’s.

      Jessica Robinsonhttp://enchantedvintageclothing.com/http://www.vintageclothing.ie/catalog/

  5. Aquí

    gorgeous photos :)

    1. Anonymous

      thanks lady!! :)

      Jessica Robinsonhttp://enchantedvintageclothing.com/http://www.vintageclothing.ie/catalog/

  6. Alexis of NorthOnHarper

    WOW… pretty awesome… and I love the pettycoat peeking under!!! Great splash of color!!!

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