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4 Things You Cannot Live Without on a Camping Trip


If you have never been camping before or it is a long time since your last trip, packing the right stuff can sometimes be a headache. When you get there, you find out you have brought things you do not need and left important items behind that would have come in handy. When it comes to camping, less is more, that is why you should be careful with what you pack for your adventure.

  1. Lighter

Trying to light a fire the old-fashioned way is not as easy as it looks, and you will be annoyed with yourself if you forget to bring a firelighter or matches. No matter where you are camping, it gets cold at night and not being able to light a fire will not be fun. One of the best things about camping is sitting by the fire, toasting marshmallows, and talking to friends and family about days gone by. A good fire is the heartbeat of a campsite.

  1. Mattress

When looking at camping equipment in Australia for your next adventure into the wild, think about investing in a good quality camping mattress. Having a sleeping bag is fine once you have a good camping mattress to put it on. Otherwise, you will be lying on a rock-hard floor that is uneven and lumpy. Before you set off, think about an old-fashioned camping mattress or a blow-up model for comfort.

  1. Camping Chair

Most camping sites do not have comfortable chairs to use when eating, so it is important to bring your own. There are lots of good quality camping chairs available to buy in outdoor adventures stores and most of them are not that pricey. Some chairs are basic, while others come with fancy features such as drink holder and fold-out side tables.

  1. Headlamp

It may not be top of your list, but a good headlamp is essential when you go camping. If you need to use the toilet in the middle of the night or you cannot find something in your tent, a headlamp leaves you hands-free to search around for what you need.

We know there are plenty of things that make the camping essentials list, so we decided to list four of the main items campers cannot do without. If you are going camping soon, remember to create a list and think about all the items you cannot live without when sleeping outdoors.


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