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Cannabis – Nature’s Bounty at its Finest


The popularity of smoking cannabis is at an all-time high. Countries around the world are continuing to relax their weed laws, allowing citizens to use the drug medically and increasingly, recreationally.

Take the United States, for example. Cannabis is now fully legal for recreational use in 12 of the 50 states. That’s roughly a quarter of the states in the whole country. It is only entirely illegal in 10 states, showing the rising popularity of the planet’s favourite and most useful plant.

So Many Ways to Get High – Which One For Me?

With a history of thousands of years across every country on earth, people have invented dozens of ways to get high with cannabis.

Whatever type of smoking paraphernalia you are looking for, make sure you research thoroughly to understand how to make the best choice for your lifestyle. Maybe you like a big joint, or perhaps you’re looking for bongs, lighters, peace pipes or grinders to expand your collection of smoking equipment.

Bongs are essentially a water filtration device that cools down the smoke to allow for a more pleasant smoking experience. The cooler the smoke, the less pain you feel on the back of your throat as you inhale.

Many bongs are manufactured with a broader base which allows ice to be placed into the down-pipe—keeping the water as cold as possible, an essential part of smoking a bong.

Peace pipes or ceremonial pipes is a term given to a smoking pipe that was traditionally used in tribal native American ceremonies. Peace pipes were of great importance to many native American tribes and were used to seal an agreement, argument or treaty between different tribes.

Grinders – The Pros and Cons of Different Materials

Grinders are simple hand-held herb grinding machines that come in different sizes and are made from different materials, such as:

  • Metal – The king of the grinder. Guaranteed to last a lifetime if taken care of. Can be quite expensive.
  • Wood – A variety of common hardwoods are used to make weed grinders. They can be smooth and feel very comfortable in your hand.
  • Plastic – Arguably the most versatile type of grinder and usually the cheapest, plastic grinders are pretty much indestructible.

The most important part of a grinder is the cutting blades. Make sure your new piece can slice effortlessly through your favourite buds, giving you smooth, dusty flakes of weed.


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