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Buying a set of high-quality cookware is a thoroughly satisfying time. The feeling you get from holding something of quality and knowing it has the potential to serve you and your family for the rest of your life is a feeling unlike any other in the kitchen.

There are almost as many types of cookware as there are types of cuisine. It takes time and money to develop a collection of cookware to be able to comfortably create any dish you can imagine.

The King of Cookware

Cast Iron cookware is the undisputed king of all things cookware. These virtually indestructible pieces of equipment, if cared for properly, will last for generations, getting only better with age and becoming a perfectly seasoned pan of joy. Seasoning a cast iron is of utmost importance. Iron rusts. Very quickly. If you forget to oil your cat iron after washing it, you will notice a thin layer of orange-brown rust appear almost magically within a very small amount of time. Make sure you keep an oiled cloth close by and make sure you never wash your cast iron with soap. Ever. Ever ever.

Discover Types of Frying Pans

Frying pans come in a range of sizes and shapes, and most chefs will tell you each size has its specific use. It is most definitely worth adding to one’s collection over the years. Types of frying pans include:

  • Crêpe pans
  • Egg pans
  • Wok
  • Skillet
  • Griddle pan

Types of Cookware

Other types of essential cookware for any budding chef include:

  • Baking and roasting pots
  • Tajines
  • General cookware such as waffle irons, food processors and utensils.
  • Asian cookware such as woks, dumpling steamers and rice cookers.
  • Pizza tools such as pizza cutters, stones, trays and paddles – all essential if you want a perfect pizza.

What to Know When Buying Cookware

Asian pans such as woks are usually very thin, as a lot of Asian dishes are cooked over a high flame for a short amount of time.

Tajines should be terracotta or earthenware. Give thought to how you will be handling the cookware. Maybe investing in a pair of high-quality oven gloves would also be a good idea.

Quality is everything, and quality usually means price. Look for heavy-based or think ceramic pots and pans with a highly-durable non-stick composition.

It is worth spending the extra money to buy an item that can last a lifetime.


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