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What Exactly Are Singing Bowls?


I suppose the best place to start is with the history of singing bowls, which were created to satisfy man’s need for sound, especially with a view to creating sound frequencies that aid meditation and prayer. The singing bowl was one of the first creations to manifest heavenly sounds for this reason and as Buddhists have been using these unique items for centuries, they do have obvious appeal.

Shape of the Singing Bowl

Singing bowls are traditionally shaped rather like an inverted bell and they come in many sizes, from a few centimetres in width to over one metre bowls, which can be seen in Tibetan monasteries to this day. The smaller the bowl, the higher the pitch of the sound, and is usually hit on the rim or side with a small mallet, which produces a very calming pitch that seems to resonate spiritually. Buddhist monks have long used singing bowls to attain the perfect frequency for deep meditation, and here in Australia, they are becoming a must-have item in the home, and with online suppliers of Tibetan healing bowls, as they are also known, acquiring this unique item is very easy.

Healing with Sound Therapy

Quantum physics is telling us that the universe is all about vibration and frequency, which is one of the ways that singing bowls are used. Buddhists say that by creating this sound, the left and right side of the brain align correctly, giving the person a feeling of well-being, and more and more Australians are reaping the benefits of having a couple of Tibetan singing bowls in the home.

Online Solutions

If you search online, you will find a leading Australian supplier of all things natural, and as well as having singing bowls, they would stock quality crystals, essential oils and scented candles, all natural and pure. Once on their website, you will see many fine examples of genuine Tibetan healing and singing bowls (they make perfect gifts too) and once you have made up your mind, proceed to checkout and the bowl will be delivered to your door in a couple of days.


Singing bowls are thought to have originated 5,000 years ago in Mesopotamia, when copper was used in their making. After some centuries, brass became the metal of choice, mainly because of the improved sound resonance, and the bowls were used for prayer, meditation and healing, mainly in Buddhist cultures.

Monks’ Secret

Legend has it that Tibetan Buddhist monks were under strict instruction not to talk about the singing bells, indeed, even in Buddhist scriptures, there was no mention of the bowls. Rumour has it that the reason for this was the bowls were used in secret and sacred rituals, which would enable the monks to astrally project.

An Explosion of Fusion

Over the centuries, many different natural elements were used to make singing bowls, mainly to experiment with sound resonation, and some bowl makers were very secretive about what they used. Rumour has it that 5 metals were mainly used to make the singing bowl, and there are so many to choose from when you visit the online natural products supplier, who can be found with a Google search.


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