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What Kind of Starter Kit Should You Buy?


You’ve decided to stop smoking and take up vaping. However, you are not quite sure where to begin. Today, starter kits come in various configurations. Therefore, you need to review products either by category, brand, or price.

Where to Find Starter Kits

If you like a specific company, such as Vape King, checking the company’s website is a good place to start on your quest for the ideal starter kit. While you may not be familiar with the various brands, you can still review starter kit classifications.

For example, you can buy starter kits in the form of mods, coils, tanks, and e-cigs. If you are interested in a mod, you can choose a vaping device with a replaceable battery or a battery built into the mod. You may also be interested in certain accessories.

Vape retailers feature tank glass replacements, lithium chargers, lithium mod batteries, and drip tips. Once you become familiarised with the products, you can narrow down your choices by price. Think about the least you can spend for getting the amenities you crave or need.

Choosing an E-liquid

Buying a beginning vaping apparatus also entails choosing an e-liquid. You can narrow down your choices by choose from liquids that mimic the taste and smell of tobacco or certain fruits. Some of the liquids are considered dessert and sweet-treat products while others are flavoured or scented to resemble an alcoholic drink. You can find a number of mints and menthols that you may want to try, too.

If you are buying a starter kit, you can also find a number of good buys on clearance. For example, a vaping device listed for $40.00 is usually sold on clearance at around $29.95. This is indeed a good buy when you compare it to buying tobacco cigarettes. In fact, you can save hundreds of dollars per year when you choose to vape instead of smoke.

Selecting the Starter Kit

An all-in-one starter kit on clearance is ideal for a beginning vaper, especially if it is designed in a portable and user-friendly pen style. You will also get a good deal if you find a starter design that enables you to use the device for both mouth to lung and sub-ohm vaping.

When you begin vaping, it is best to start with a thin pen-like device that features a basic one-button design. That way, you can easily acclimate yourself to the vaping activity. By using this type of accessory, you don’t need to adjust the watts or mess around with any settings. A top-rotary fill design with a mechanism that locks also minimises leakage.

Where to Begin

The above starter kit recommendation is just one suggestion of what you might try. Look under the clearance section first and see what is offered in starter kit devices.


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